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Friday, May 17, 2013

German Shepherd Puppies Birthing Announcement

Rylie von der Otto, from Mason's last litter and Hagen vom Deutschen Eck from Germany, owned by our kennel, had 10 puppies born on Sunday, May 05, 2013. Rylie had 5 males and 5 female German Shepherd puppies. All happy and healthy relaxing with their mom in the house. I believe in not having a breeding female stressed while having puppies or even after they are born. I make sure they are close by to check for any problems that may arise. Go to my puppy page to see pricing and what is currently available. I also have another expected female Queen-Mary vom Grafenbrunn with V Hagen vom Deutschen Eck due within a week. She is huge and looks like she is going to pop any day. Hagen is quite a producer. He has the best temperament and so does all the females we own. We have 3 females in Germany right now. One will be coming home next couple of weeks. We will finish the training on her. She is a daughter of 2X World Sieger Remo vom Fichtenschlag. We also have VA2 Nino von Tronje daughter in Germany in training. The third female we have in Germany is going to be breed to V Opus vom Radhaus,World Sieger Remo, son. Von der Otto German Shepherd and I as owner have been truely blessed. Our customers are very important to us. We have been rated the top breeder by our customers. We allow our customers to come ever week to visit their puppies from the time they are born. This builds a very close relationship to their new puppies and to us. Our breeding program is to produce the highest quality German Shepherds for families and children. Contact us anytime for questions. I always answer my phone unlike a lot of the breeder today. Go to for contact information.


Mason our precious male we raised from a pup, died and hour after the Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011. He was such an inspiration to me and my husband. He was first diagnosed with an inoperable tumor in his heart on March 11th, seven weeks before he passed away. The specialist that drained the flood around his heart said he would only make it 24 to 48 hours and he made it seven weeks. We had such a remarkable 7 weeks with him. He played like a puppy and always happy to see us even up until the day before he died. You would never know anything was wrong. I will carry his spirit with me always. His heart might have been sick, but it was mighty. He will never be forgotten.