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Monday, February 14, 2011

German Shepherd Puppies Born

We had puppies born yesterday the 13th. Bailey did a great job! We had Bailey in our den in front of the fire so her and the puppies would be nice and warm. As you can see in the picture she was nice and relaxed in the den with me on a Sunday morning. I love my loyal German Shepherd Dogs. Then this morning before I went to work I checked on her and she looked so content.
She is in my office, which is right next to our bedroom so I can hear her or the puppies if something is wrong. Bailey had 7 girls and 2 boys, a total of 9 German Shepherd puppies. All doing great. To see info on parents click on PUPPIES and go to the Bailey and Mason litter to see pictures of the parents. To go to the pedigree page of each dog, just simply click on the name of the dog.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Great night

Yea the Superbowl!! Everyone is watching the dogs are saying "could you please turn it down we are trying to sleep"!! Bailey a week from having puppies is not quite into it. I am with her. They are with me away from the noise. Sounds fun, just now seeing half time. We are a little behind. At least my family is enjoying it. It is time for me and the dogs to go to sleep now, see ya.